Application Features

We can add any of these features to your app!



Sell products from your app, create categories and accept PayPal & credit card payments from customers.

Audio List


Stream audio from your own web hosting, SoundCloud or SHOUTcast stream for an internet radio station.

Login Screen


We can create apps to use internally by employees only or customers only. Lock the entire app or specific sections only.



If you are a restaurant, bar or cafe, the Menu widget will be a mission critical part of your app experience.



Allows you to connect your OpenTable Restaurant ID & allows your customers to make reservations directly.

RSS/Atom Feeds


We can include an RSS feed to display feed items such as Blog, News or other RSS feed items.

Video List


Display videos as a list with titles & descriptions, users can share & comment on videos.



Brings your twitter account into your app allowing @replies, retweet, favourite, follow & sharing.



Features a mobile version of your facebook page wall, allows users to like, comment & share posts.



Feature news stories added manually or from RSS feed. Pictures are pulled in, links open with in-app browser.



Features your events, with date, title, and description. Manually added or automatically via RSS feed.



Provides easy access to your contact information. Includes address, phone number, email address, website address!

Google Calendar


Keep your audience updated with our Google Calendar feature!



Ability to add any kind of textual content and images using WYSIWYG editor.



Display a URL inside our embedded web browser (site should be mobile optimised).

Google Maps


Google Maps is a great way to make it easy for your customers to find you!



Allows your customers make online reservations via your app.

QR Code Scanner


Allows ability to scan any two–dimensional code with your mobile device.

Shopping Cart


Provides your customers with great shopping experience native to your device!

Grouped Contacts


Organise your contacts by groups/departments, provide easy search within contact list.



Allows app users to post messages & share content, creating a community in your application.

Photo Gallery


Allows you to deliver visually stunning stories you've created in a simple, elegant format.



Allows you to add coupons to offer special discounts to your customers - Use RSS feeds or HTML editor.

Tap To Call


Call (phone number you provide) using the devices built-in phone application, single button function.

Tap To Email


Email (email address you provide) using the devices built-in email application, single button function.

Book Store


Allows you to provide easier access to variety of books, with prices and links to their e-bookstores.

Google Forms


Allows you to integrate Google Form into your app.

Take A Picture


Allows you to take a picture with device's photo camera and share it within the app.

Custom Form


Allows you to feature a custom input form for appointments, reservations, surveys, contact forms and more.



Calculates using given formula and user parameters.



Publish your book on a mobile device! Add or remove chapters via web based interface.



Allows you to embed a store into your app, supported in-App purchases with Apple and PayPal payments.



Allows you to feature beautiful forms, online surveys and invitations.