About Us

A little information about us, learn who we are!

Hello, we are NuApps!


NuApps is a NuWeb Solutions brand, a web solutions company with an extensive client list, based in the United Kingdom. Over the years, our focus on building websites for our clients has allowed us to accumulate significant expertise in the areas of design, interfaces and user experiences, with the launch of NuApps we bring all our experience to the mobile app market.


Custom mobile app development is expensive, time consuming and a privilege of well-funded companies. NuApps allows you to rapidly deploy cost-effective mobile apps for individuals, clubs, and small budget SMEs. Our Nu-Enterprise packages serve the needs of larger publishers with dozens of properties who need to run their mobile strategies on a unified publishing platform.


We’re always thinking ahead and working to improve our platform, add new features and enhance your experience, not only are we committed to provide you with the best features and enhancements, we’re also committed to provide you with the best possible technical support, we know the true test of our service is when you need assistance, we will not let you down.